Ryan Tsen Architects
Ryan Tsen Architects

Transforming Passion Projects Into Architectural Wonders

Our Story


Ryan Tsen Architects was founded in 2008 by its namesake, Ryan Tsen – an architect in Perth with over 2 decades of experience and a passion for creating architectural wonders.

The ultimate architecture firm, Perth, Ryan Tsen Architects works round-the-clock to create innovative spaces that elevate lives, stand the test of time, and become the envy of the neighbourhoods they are in.

We liaison between clients and contractors, introducing never-before-seen designs and supervising contractors to build impeccable properties – residential, commercial, and public.

Ryan Tsen Architects: Materializing Architectural Dreams

The journey towards excellence does not stop, and neither do we. We continue to research, design, and build incredible spaces that are aesthetic, functional, and sustainable.

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