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Ryan Tsen Architects

Architecture Services in Perth, Australia

Our Holistic Architectural Services In Perth

Combining luxury, class, sophistication, and sustainability, we create
architectural projects that tell your story, your way.

The Ryan Tsen Architects Design Cycle Our architects in Perth begin every project with a goal in sight and a plan in mind.

PHASE 1. The Idea

Our architect sits with you to understand your needs and preferences, discuss your various options, and form a simplified plan for construction.

Phase 2: Conceptualisation

We create a concept design with your guidelines and do not rest until the design is perfectly in-sync with what you want.

Phase 3: Designing

We breathe life into the idea and bring it to life on paper through a diverse choice of colour palettes, drawings, lightings, materials, and more. Decide the look and feel you want.

Phase 4: Legal Compliances

Ridding you of the legal hassle, we create the architectural blueprints, submit them for approval, and gain all permits required to begin building.

Phase 5: Contracts

Your dream project is built only by the best. We can opt for your builder or choose another expert for the contract.

Phase 6: Execution

We keep you away from the nitty-gritty and supervise 24/7 until the construction is complete and your passion project is ready.