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The Architectural Design Process

The Architectural Design Process

by RT
Jan , 26
The Architectural Design Process

In the development of your passion project, the pivotal role of an architect cannot be overstated. They are not just supervisors but the masterminds behind the entire design and implementation process.

If you’re considering hiring an architect in Perth, it’s essential to understand the five crucial phases of the architectural design process that they should be well-versed in:

1. Schematic Design

This initial stage sets the foundation for the project. The architect collaborates with the client to outline the basic structure and aesthetics of the property, including the number of rooms, spatial requirements, size, and location.

A rough sketch is drawn after a comprehensive site analysis.

2. Design Development

Moving from the preliminary stage, the Design Development phase delves into the specifics. This involves decisions on fixtures, fittings, window placements, and door configurations.

Additionally, this stage includes obtaining planning approval for the project.

3. Construction Document

Once the client approves the technical aspects, the architect focuses on finalizing structural details such as ventilation, energy considerations, and material selection.

This phase also entails acquiring the necessary permits and creating detailed drawings for the contractors’ guidance.

4. Bidding

During the bidding phase, the architect aids the client in selecting the most suitable contractor for the job.

This involves a comprehensive evaluation of the contractor’s portfolio, negotiations, and, ultimately, finalizing the contract.

5. Construction Administration

The longest phase of the process, Construction Administration, involves the transformation of plans from paper to reality.

The architect plays a pivotal supervisory role, ensuring that the project is executed in line with the predetermined schedule and specifications.


A comprehensive understanding of these five essential architectural design phases is critical for any architect.

Whether you’re seeking an architect for residential or commercial projects in Perth, ensure that they are well-versed in these stages before making your decision.

For your commercial architecture needs in Perth, consider reaching out to Ryan Tsen Architects today for expert guidance and exceptional service.

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